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What’s Leo Sherlock Talking About Today?

Apart from a few occasionally acerbic “news” pieces over the last week, I’ve made a conscious decision at Feck News to limit the number of rants about Leo Sherlock and his rag, The reasoning behind this is fairly straight-forward: whilst it remains important to spread the word that this charlatan is a horribly bigoted racist and homophobe, too many diatribes will only end up diluting the message.

Instead, I’ll run a weekly round-up of what Sherlock and his “team” of “inexperienced” writers have fabricated from thin air over the previous 5-7 days. Before the summary commences, I’ve noticed that the numbers liking and following his Facebook page are falling. Sadly not in huge, palpable amounts but enough to know that actual real people, rather than paid-for clickfarmers in Bangladesh and fake accounts, are gradually coming to dispense with the poison he calls news.

So what “news” has Sherlock been creating the past few days? Well, a quick scan of the website shows at least 2 articles on the following subjects: the proposed building of a mosque in Kilkenny; the unconfirmed reports of pro-choice supporters removing Savethe8th posters and the usual guff about whatever freak weather we can expect to see across the country. There’s also plenty of his favourite click-baiting “missing teenager” stories as well.

The comments on his Facebook page surrounding the missing teenagers are very enlightening. You’ll notice a pattern where, if the girl is Irish, the comments are all of the “poor wee lamb, hope she is found safe and well” variety. However, should the girl be of darker skin or have a foreign name, the mood darkens exponentially: “dirty little tramps”, “it’s a game teenagers are playing” etc etc. All part of the pandering to the baser instincts of his core readers.

What’s really interesting is that by starting to publish more frequently on the mosque issue, Sherlock is jumping on the bandwagon of another low-key, yet still hideously bigoted website/Facebook page called the Kilkenny Journal. This site is not shy in its hatred for immigrants and Muslims and is the main protagonist online for the protests against the mosque. Mind you, it’s unlikely that the Kilkenny Journal will be too worried about Sherlock plagiarising his material, being as they are both cut from the same cloth.

The Savethe8th posters “scandal” is a strange one to comprehend. Naturally, Sherlock’s pro-life goons are all in a tizzy about these revelations, their chance to prove to the watching world that the pro-choice movement are nastier than them and their LoveBoth mantra. There’s unsurprisingly very little confirmation on who the individuals in the photos are taking down the posters. One can understand why people, even those who are undecided or unbothered about the referendum, would want to remove these posters. They tend to lean towards the more graphic and hyperbolic end of the spectrum with images of sonograms and rhetoric about murder.

Could it be that the more hardcore element of the Savethe8th supporters are taking these down deliberately to create antipathy towards the pro-choice movement? The leaflets in the Toymaster catalogues show that such malevolence is not beyond them. And, as we mentioned in the weekend news round-up yesterday, there is confusion over the identities on Twitter of the individuals who initially reported the issue. Naturally all this “furore” is manna from heaven for Sherlock so we can expect to see considerably more of this over the coming 6 weeks.

Finally we have the “Heatwave”. If we had listened and believed the meteorological expertise from the TheLiberal recently, we would have experienced a second bout of the “Beast from the East” and a “Pest from the West”. Naturally, neither occurred and yet, here we are again being subjected to numerous predictions of 20c+ heatwaves over the coming week. You should know the drill by now folks. Don’t be clicking on it.

All Sherlock really wants you to do is read about the mosque.

As usual, feel free to share this story, even to those who think the sun shines out of Sherlock’s backside. If any of you notice any new angles of attack on minorities, pro-choice etc being employed by Sherlock on his website please reach out to Feck News at our Facebook page or at [email protected] We can also be found on Twitter at @fecknewsfecker



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