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Weekend News Round-Up

Isn’t it lovely to wake up on a Monday morning, after a miserable weekend weather-wise and be greeted by some beautiful rays of sunshine? Kinda puts a spring in your step doesn’t it? Here’s a brief summary of what happened this weekend around the world. Let’s keep our chins up and keep working towards better a better future.


As campaigning for the referendum continues to ramp up, the Savethe8th organisation are claiming that their posters are being ripped down across the country. What’s important to remember here is that many of the anti-choice posters contain (a) false or misleading information and (b) some distressing images to try to sell their argument.  However, an intrepid Twitterer @AngobanSaor, has discovered that the member of Savethe8th may not actually be a legitimate account, possessing differing emails and/or aliases to help spread false accusations and untruths. For details can be found at the link below:

United States

Where to begin here? The weekend kicked off with possibility the clearest evidence that Donald Trump’s mental state has disappeared around the u-bend of insanity and is floating down the Potomac somewhere. In a tweet Friday afternoon he declared the Department of Justice and the FBI as being criminals, completed with his usual capital letters and copious exclamation points. You’re left with the impression that as the net is closing ever closer on him, the acceleration of his madness and vindictiveness is rapidly increasing.

So what better way to try and distract from the upcoming release of James Comey’s book than to chuck some Tomahawks at Syria. We all woke up to the news and wondered briefly whether Armageddon was knocking on our doors but apparently it’s all over after Trump eagerly declared “Mission Accomplished”. The last time an American president said that didn’t exactly turn out well for the people of Iraq. Then again, the US airforce was unlikely to have met any resistance to their bombing raids and Trump telegraphed his intentions well in advance, something which he repeatedly had berated President Obama for doing. Thankfully, for now, we were all able to wake up to the beautiful sunshine this morning.

United States

Starbucks were plastered all over social media this weekend after two black men were arrested in Philadelphia for refusing to leave one of their franchises. According to eyewitnesses, the men had been waiting quietly for a friend to arrive, when the manager of the cafe called the police to have them removed. The Mayor of Philadelphia has called for an inquiry into the incident after a massive public outcry on the internet surrounding the obviously racist in the actions of the manager and police concerned. It’s unfathomable that caucasian customers would have been subjected to the same experience. Just another day in Trump’s America.


Manchester City were crowned Premier League champions again this weekend after Manchester United were beaten 1-0 at home by West Bromwich Albion. Other than we witnessed yet another uninspiring display of sideways passing and creative drought from the Red half of Manchester, Feck News has nothing more to say on this matter. Except this….this is what Mourinho does to you.

Credit @terraceimages

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