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Together 4 Yes Fundraising Surpasses Expectations

They started out small, looking to raise €50,000 to be able to print 5,000 posters for the Repeal the 8th Amendment campaign. But within the first twelve hours of fundraising, the Together 4 Yes target had been obliterated, with over 250, 000 being donated online to support the cause.

What’s remarkable about this amount raised (and it’s still increasing) is the fact that in a time of  financial hardship, there are many generous people in Ireland willing to assist the campaign to Repeal and stand up to the shadowy forces determined to keep the healthcare of Irish women rooted in the dark ages.

Determined to campaign with integrity and evidence-based facts, Together 4 Yes are on the front-lines in a struggle against the fake news and false narratives presented by numerous Anti-Choice groups. Those who dug deep into their pockets, yesterday and beyond, realise that the Pro-Choice agenda can be presented without resorting to hysteria and prejudice such as this:

It’s a clear signal to those who believe women are not to be trusted with decisions about their own bodies. It proclaims loudly and clearly that the groundswell of support for repealing the 8th Amendment is growing. It displays that the people of Ireland are growing tired of the shameless, hyper-sensationalism of right-wing, holier-than-thou populists such as John McGuirk and Cora Sherlock.

With less than 7 weeks to go until the Referendum, the likelihood is that the levels of mudslinging and tar-brushing from these individuals and their followers will become louder and harder to ignore. That is why Together 4 Yes continues to need your support to allow for more transparent and rational campaigning. You can donate here and be a part of history.

A history where Irish women were no longer treated as second-class citizens.

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