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Terror in Temple Bar – The Irish Right’s Wet Dream

Paris. Barcelona. Berlin. Brussels. Nice. Istanbul. London. Horrific attacks of terror by radicalised natives, lured into believing the nihilistic ideologies of Islamic extremists. Hundreds died across all of these and other atrocities in the last four years. What is equally as disturbing is that there are people in Ireland hoping a similar act of terror is carried out here on our own soil.

Yeah, I said that. And it makes me feel sick writing it. But it has to be said because people need to realise something. We have these elements within our society who are constantly chipping away at the compassionate side of the Irish psyche with their anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant thoughts and words across social media. The sooner we acknowledge this, the easier we will find the ability to resist them.

We’re very lucky in Ireland that we do not, thankfully as yet, have an open and active hard-right party or faction that is visibly public in their actions. France has Rassemblement National (formerly Front National) and Great Britain has the BNP, EDL, Britain First (see photo above) and high profile figures such as Tommy Robinson.

These groups make their countries ideal targets for the extremists within Islam. Where better to foster the polarisation and demonization of ordinary Muslims and Immigrants through violence than in the countries where hard-right activism is more vocal. The circle of hate in perpetual motion.

My own fears do not lie in the potential for a terror attack here, rather in the possibility that the keyboard and thumb-tweeting, troll-soldiers of and become so emboldened that they form organisations or political parties like those mentioned above. Once they do, we may as well paint huge bullseyes on the walls around Temple Bar.

Altview Ireland Logo

For now, they remain huddled in their bedrooms or sat in bars drinking away the last of the children’s allowance, furiously spewing their vitriol and verbal garbage onto the comments sections of traditional and new media outlets. Waiting…..waiting….waiting for any attack on Irish soil that will give them their “I told you so” moment.

Incessant regurgitation of attacks in Europe or of rape-gangs in the UK can only gain so much traction in this country. It reaches a few people who are active devourers of news and current affairs but, for the most part, these stories preach primarily to the converted. Slowly but surely it feeds into the consciousness of The Liberal’s and Altview’s followers as they repeat the mantra of “Send them home. They’re here to milk the system and rape our girls”, over and over again.

These websites and their devout apologists are craving their own Bataclan, Manchester Arena or Rotherham scandal. You could sense their disappointment when the paedophile ring uncovered in Kerry and Limerick recently did not involve Muslims or immigrants. The eagle-eyed among you will notice that TheLiberal didn’t cover it or mention it.

Scaremongering Tactics

In the seven days from the 6th of March, when the story was reported in all major newspapers, TheLiberal kept unsurprisingly quiet on the subject, preferring at least 2 stories on the resettlement of asylum seekers in Lisdoonvarna, numerous Pro-life articles and, of course, their viewer-vacuuming weather reports. You can’t be riling up the masses if the vile-scum involved are Irish nationals, eh?

We are an intrinsically compassionate people here in Ireland. We are welcoming and, for the most part, we see and hear many encouraging tales of our foreign friends being welcomed into their new communities with open arms and generous hearts.

We cannot allow Altview and TheLiberal to gain momentum and turn the kindness of our nature into one of fear and mistrust. For if that beast rears its ugly head, we will attract the attention of the extremists in their Afghan caves and Middle-Eastern madrassas. Should that happen and be acted upon, our own extremists will need extra tissues to wipe up the jizzy expulsion of their unbridled glee.

Let’s not succumb to their wish to see Irish blood spilled on the streets of our great country, in order to satisfy their pitiful need to be proven right. We’re better than that.

By remaining empathetic, open-minded and generous of spirit we can prove they were wrong all along.


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