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Second Chances for Sexual Predators

Christmas came early on Friday for sexual predators and domestic abusers in the United States as Donald Trump designated April to be both “Sexual Assault Awareness” and “Second Chance” month.

In a move designed to pave the way back to the White House for serial domestic abuser Rob Porter, President Trump stated that no man should ever fall victim to the lies and slanders of gold-digging and mentally-ill women and that this initiative would offer a chance for those brave men, falsely accused, to rebuild their lives:

“Look at me. I am President and women have called me bad names. Said I did bad things. Very bad. They said the women would vite for Hillary. But guess what? She lost in a landslide. Right? Look at Rob, Great guy with a great future. Victim of a witch-hunt. Not the greatest witch-hunt. That will always be Russia. But these women? I don’t know. They don’t complain at the time. Very bad”.

President Trump is expected to fly to Arkansas tomorrow to address a rally for the “White Men Don’t Hump” coalition, a nationwide campaign dedicated to male-empowerment. The main topic of his address will be “If I Can Do It, So Can You” and it’s expected that Roy Moore, Bill O’Reilly and Rob Porter himself will be in attendance.

A source at the White House revealed that should April’s designation be a success, plans to declare May “Building Walls not Bridges” month are in the pipeline. Victims of abuse across America have been told to shut up and respect both the flag and the very fine men in their lives for the next 30 days.


NOTE: For the full story surrounding the hypocrisy of this man see here. He really has no shame flaunting this despite all the genuine accusation against him and his cronies. Feck News stands with the victims of sexual assault the world over and urges them to continue the fight to be heard and believed.

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