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One Fat Irish Dad – Week 1 Summary

You know, I never thought I’d actually enjoy going to a gym. Yet here we are, one week in and I feel my day isn’t complete without sweating like a pig for 90 minutes. An added bonus to this exercising was the creation of One Fat Irish Dad. This alone has given me fresh impetus to be expressive and be creative. One Fat Irish Dad is proving both physically and mentally beneficial to my well-being.

The explanation for this is really simple. The process of sharing my journey to being healthy allows me to express myself open and without shame. It’s teaching me new tricks on how to produce content that people can engage with. This includes creating snappy, hopefully entertaining, posts and videos. It’s all a positive learning curve and that caters to improving and maintaining a positive mental state of mind. I’ve discovered that people are relating to One Fat Irish Dad a lot more readily than Feck News. Rising up to this challenge is certainly exciting and eye-opening.

So what’s being going down in the past week. Resistance training started last Thursday and I’m loving it. I always felt quite embarrassed at my lack of physical strength. Over the years it’s never been that wonderful but I really was starting to notice it’s deterioration in recent years. Simple things like screwtops began laughing at me to my face. Already, after 5 sessions at the weights, I can see straight-away how I will benefit from this.

There’s a plan designed out for me to build core strength. The resistance training at the beginning will be crucial to activating parts of my body that were neglected for too long. So for now, I’m not attempting to lift impossible weights or push myself to extreme limits. I’m not naive enough to believe this will all rectify itself overnight. It’s a marathon not a sprint. The last thing I need right now to become One Wrecked Irish Dad.

I mentioned on a Facebook post that the cardio element of my training plan is the one that’s knackering me out. Perfectly understandable given my lack of general all-round fitness. Cycling is manageable although I wish my bloody earphones would work. Having to listen to random, generic pop-shite is not my idea of having a fun time. The Crossfit yoke though!!?? Sweet Baby Jeebus! I have to do 10 minutes on that per session and I’ve managed it only once. And that was in sections of 8 and 2 minutes.

Image result for uphill skiing

Seriously though, out of everything I’ve attempted so far in this short space of time, the crossfit is the one that makes me truly fear death. Fear not! I shall persist because it was never going to be an easy ride. I just wonder though whether there are alternatives to pretending your skiing up a fucking mountain!! Hopefully this week, I’ll post a video of it so we can all have a little giggle.

On thursday this week, I’ll have my first proper progress check with my trainer. It’ll be interesting to see how well she thinks I’m adapting to the new regime. Who knows, I might have been doing everything wrong and I’m setting myself up for a visit to A&E. What’s great though is that I have questions for her. Questions which would never have even entered my head to ask someone 3 weeks ago. That’s why I’m determined to keep going. A quest for knowledge and good health.


To follow my adventures in trying to become fatdad2phatdad, you can like the pages at Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to share this and other articles there with people who you think might be inspired to try something similar with their health and fitness. Or with people who would just love a good laugh at someone’s pain and misfortune. Either way, I’m treating it all as encouragement to keep forging on. And I’m kinda enjoying it too, so far.

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