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Michelle Wolf: No Stone Left Unturned

Michelle Wolf should look back on Saturday night with a sense of mischievous pride. Her coruscating flurry of jabs and bodyshots to the White House and the media forced a TKO in the final round. As the hyper-sensitive “victims” toppled to the floor, Wolf delivered the final, telling uppercut. “Flint still doesn’t have clean water” she proclaimed in virtually a snarl. A snarl with a smile, knowing full well the shit-storm she had just created.

For those who have been living under a rock the last 36 hours, here’s the basic jist of what happened. Wolf, a rising star in U.S. comedy, gave the traditional “roast” or light-entertainment speech at this years White House Correspondents Dinner. Usually the event is attended by the President of the Unites States, as the White Press celebrate their achievements over the previous year. Due to possessing a skin thinner than a Ukrainian supermodel, Donald Trump had refused to attend. Just like last year, sending Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway as his proxies.

Now before I continue, it’s worth explaining that the WHCD is probably the reason why Trump ran for President in the first place. Or, at least explains why he has recklessly and malevolently set out to destroy every Obama-era policy he can get his mitts on. In 2011, Barack Obama famously lampooned “The Donald” at the WHCD and Commander Bone-Spur let his resulting hatred for the first black President of the U.S. to fester. Maybe it’s his inherent racism or his preening narcissism that drives his fanatical desire to shred Obama’s legacy. Who knows? But we can reasonably assume that this speech in the clip below, lit the fuse that eventually became the circus of President Donald Trump.

And so back to Saturday night. I firmly believe that a great comedian should possess a strong political or social backbone. Jim Jeffries, Denis Leary, Bill Hicks, Sarah Silverman and George Carlin are prime examples of this. Regardless of the images they sometimes paint/painted through coarse and occasional insensitive language, they never shied away from telling the cold, hard truth. Michelle Wolf on Saturday night took a giant leap forward towards potentially joining these luminaries.

If being subtle was the equivalent of gatecrashing an Evangelical prayer service and shouting  “Jesus had two dads”, then Wolf certainly made her mark in a gentle manner. The Trump Family, the White House staff and, even more importantly, the Free Press themselves, all were slashed by Wolf’s sword of undeniable truth. She scythed through the lies and the facade of “competent government” promoted by the current Administration. This particularly centred on Sanders and Conway.

Listening to the faux-moralising from the press, politicians and social media about her supposed attack on Sanders’ “looks” is depressing. For a start, referring to make-up usage as “smokey-eye” is not body-shaming or bullying. Especially because she was referring to Sanders’ constant burning and avoidance of facts during her daily press briefings.

However, the two remarks that stood out most for me were not the ones aimed at the ineptitude and crassness of the Trump administration. She swung and hit hard at the hypocrisy of the Press in the room.  Here were the lines aimed directly at their noses:

“What no-one in this room wants to admit is Trump helped all of you. He couldn’t sell steaks, vodka, water, college, ties or Eric – he has helped you sell your papers, books & TV. You created this monster & now you’re profiting off of him”

These words were more accurate than a Tomahawk guided missile. Whilst we applaud and cherish a Free Press, we should not forget that they make millions of dollars off their incessant coverage of the buffoon in the White House. Enough of the Stormy Daniels coverage and get back on point. Focus on the rampaging racism, the shocking decline of educational support for teachers and, to the second most cutting line delivered by Wolf,  promote supplying the good people of Flint, Michigan with clean drinking water.

Comedy is subjective. We all find different things funny. Sometimes though, you have to switch into objective mode and listen to what they’re saying. In this case, Wolf hit many nails on the head. She made the room feel uncomfortable on numerous occasions. When the laughs fell silent, you knew she was hitting them with the truth where it hurt most: their vanity, corruption and their unwillingness to accept that Trump is a danger to their Republic.


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