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Lego Houses – A News Round-Up

Mind where you step folks. Elon Musk, one of the original founders of PayPal and the CEO of Tesla, has announced that he plans to make “Lego-Style” bricks from the excavated rocks and earth resulting from tunnels his Boring Company are digging in the US. Would be great for parents who still have their adult kids living with them. Instead of helping with the deposit for a mortgage, they could just buy them a 3-bed semi set for Christmas.

Ireland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Simon Coveney, today authorised the expulsion of one Russian Diplomat from the Russian Embassy in Dublin. In line with other nations of the European Union, Coveney stated that this action would “show solidarity with our closest neighbour”, before dashing off to be fitted for his new Hazmat suit.

The right-wing backlash against the Parkland students who organised the recent #Marchforourlives event across America continues unabated and with increased ferocity. Countless photoshopped images, fake videos and conspiracy theories are doing the rounds on Facebook and other social media networks. The general consensus however, is that this level of nastiness towards these young people is only galvanising and strengthening public opinion to their cause.

No depths too low!

In the world of sport, the ball-tampering scandal surrounding the Australian cricket team shows no sign of letting up. Speculation is mounting that Cricket Australia will suspend captain, Steve Smith and the vice-captain, David Warner in the coming days. For those of you know might not know what ball -tampering is, it’s scuffing the surface of the ball with a small, sharp implement which, in turn, affect the flight and bounce of the ball after being bowled. Contrary to popular belief, it’s got nothing to do with Stormy Daniels.

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