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Irony Alert as TheLiberal Commemorates MLK

In yet another shameless display of click-baiting, Leo Sherlock and his far-right propaganda “news” outlet, TheLiberal, posted two stories commemorating the 50th anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King. The irony of this move has not been lost on opponents of his extreme views.

For an organisation which regularly demonises women, the LGBT community, ethnic minorities and immigrants, the sheer hypocrisy that they would post stories reminiscing about a man who would have been disgusted at their hateful ideology, is staggering. Dr King protested on a platform of inclusivness, openness and equal rights for all, the complete antithesis of Sherlock and his website.

What it goes to show is that when it comes to making money via clicks and views of TheLiberal, Sherlock is bereft of any scruples and ethics. The ploy of driving readers to the site via disingenuous stories highlights the fact there is no depth to the trickery employed by this charlatan in order to spread his backward-looking agenda.

We must remain vigilant in calling out this man on his hypocrisy and continue in our efforts to prevent any further growth of his publication. Doing so would be the best way to honour Dr King and those who continue to fight against discrimination and oppression.

For more information about TheLiberal and its agenda see here.


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