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Good Friday Pints

“Anyone up for a few pints?” will be a refrain heard echoing around the towns and villages of Ireland tomorrow as bars will be allowed open on Good Friday for the first time in over 90 years. The joyous raptures of the “desperate for a drink” will be balanced by the tears of barstaff as they contemplate another night mopping up the puke of their customers.

In all honesty I’m ambivalent to the whole shebang. Any decision that allows for the removal of another of the Catholic Church’s claws from our society is no bad thing. We’re a modern social-democracy and our drinking laws should be in-line with our more liberal European cousins, unbeholden to the ancient whims of religious oppression. (token display of hyperbole? – check)

Seriously though, if we allow the bars to open if they so wish, then surely we should be treating this as any normal day, particularly from a consumer viewpoint? Admittedly most shops open but what about banks and government departments such as social welfare, county councils etc? Maybe all those desperate for a few pints would be happy to work that day as normal. I’m aware that many work on Good Friday anyway but maybe this should be applied across the board?

Turning all this on it’s head, what was so wrong about closing the bars on Good Friday, religious authoritarianism aside? It was a day where barstaff knew 100% they would not be working, one of only 2 in a calendar year.  A day where they knew they could plan well in advance because there would be no last minute phonecalls to cover the absence of a colleague or an unexpected gaggle of hen and stag party loons had descended on the bar.

Rather than getting souped up in the local, people could gather round someone’s house (ironically with  bags of cans or bottles of prosecco purchased in ridiculous amounts the day before), a somewhat more social occasion wouldn’t you think? Even if no booze was invloved, it was a day to spend with family or just chilling out. Feck, if you were that way inclined, you could go and flagellate yourself in front of the Stations of the Cross.

Good Friday was that day where one of your choices was taken out of the equation and was it really a bad thing? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page @fecknewfecker.



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