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German Attack Causes Fake News Explosion

Right-wing news sources prematurely ejaculated their fake news bunkum after it was revealed by the Polizei that the attack in Münster was conducted by a German national with a history of mental health issues.

The full identity of the attacker is still being withheld and is only known so far as Jens R. However, even as this was declared by authorities in the German city, anti-Muslim news outlets continued to report the tragedy as a “likely terrorist attack” and proclaiming a large scale cover-up to protect Angela Merkel., operated by Leo Sherlock, ran three separate stories in the space of four hours after the incident, claiming initially at first that Islamists were culpable. The final article only partially climbed down from this viewpoint, continuing with thinly-veild implications that Muslims were involved.

What’s 100% certain about this terrible incident in which 3 people lost their lives and over 20 seriously injured, is the immediacy and speed with which TheLiberal, Breitbart and other peddlers of conspiracy-laden “news” rushed to push their ongoing narrative of the imminent decline of western, white culture once again.

Without the facts or full evidence on what occurred yesterday, proclamations were falsely made to feed the rabid paranoia of their readers. Unfortunately these types of incidents are, for them, like finding an Easter Egg hidden in the garden, in September. Any modicum of sympathy is trampled by their giddy excitement to push their agenda once more.

Even more galling is the lack of “mea culpa” from them afterwards. No signs of contrition or apologies, no admitting they reported inaccurately or falsely. In their eyes, this incident provided yet another opportunity to do what they do best. The spreading of misinformation and far-right beliefs has no place for shame or acceptance of untruths.

Disappointingly, the majority of the non-sensationalist mainstream media have relegated this story off their front pages, particularly online. It was a “white guy who was nuts – nothing to see here” appears to be the response. We look up to these organisations to be the beacon of impartiality and justice. By not offering a more vocal analysis of the incident or decry more vigorously the false-reporting of the right-wing, they widen the doorway, allowing them a greater foothold into everyday discourse.

And that’s just as bad as whatever codswallop TheLiberal and it’s ilk publish in the name of “news”.

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