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The First Fitness Test

Yeah so I joined a gym. Hell has frozen over and big, chubby pigs are doing loop-the-loops in the skies over Dundalk. Today I have my first fitness test to determine my current state of health and ability to exercise. Am I feeling nervous? Slightly, mainly because I know that vacuuming the stairs makes me sweat like I’m disco-dancing on a beach in Phuket.

Truthfully my main concern is that they say I’m beyond the point of no return already. Deep down that feeling nags at me but then I realise that’s just my brain being “nagative” (sic).  I’ve gotta start somewhere and improving my fitness isn’t going to miraculously happen overnight.  So when I finish scribbling this little missive, it’s off to Aura to begin in earnest.

After joining on Monday I took a look around the facilities and had a spin on one of the exercise bikes. I wasn’t permitted to do any other fitness activities until I did the health check today but I thought I’d at least see how I’d cope on a bike. I managed 30 minutes (in 3 separate 10 minute bursts) and today my legs are slightly bollixed. What it did show me however, was that there’s a long, long way to go on this journey.

One small step at a time.  I think one of the other mental hurdles to eliminate is my self-consciousness in this type of environment. You see the “dudes” pumping iron and inevitably I wonder if I belong here. Or if I’m being judged. But you know something? Fuck this way of thinking. There’s no victory to be achieved with such thoughts rumbling around in my head. Half the battle will be completed if I can accept that I can belong there if I put in the effort. Fitness is the goal not acceptance from those who’ve reached the promised land already.

Anyway, time to gather my bits and pieces and meander down the road. I’ll keep you all informed about how I get on. If you don;t hear from my later today, you can assume I’ve died doing a push-up during the fitness assessment.

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