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Even with Depression, Ant McPartlin Should Face the Judges.

Depression is an illness which has been on the rise in recent times with a conservative figure of 300 million people suffering it’s effects globally. It can hit anyone of any race, any religion, any gender, any age and at any time. Some people can fight their way to better mental health themselves. Many more require the support of a good network of family and friends and there are those unfortunate enough to need support from professional services trained to treat the disease. Ant McPartlin is an example of someone that needs such professional help.

He has availed of them before and there is no shame or disgrace in having to do so again. Every day is a constant battle to feel at ease with oneself when you are afflicted with depression. There is always a little beaver gnawing away at the base of your tree, destabilising your strength and sturdiness. However, if you break the law whilst suffering from this disease, the rules of engagement towards fighting it should change.

Ant McPartlin should get the help he needs to turn his life around again but it should be done with an accompanying court appearance for being a drunk driver. A drunk who has hospitalised a 3 yr old child and recklessly endangered the lives of others when the car he was driving crashed into 2 other cars in the middle of the afternoon.

Before the accusations of sensationalism come hurtling this way, I’m speaking from experience here. A close, personal friend lost their licence for driving under the influence and with a child in the car. Whilst I have sympathy for their depression and subsequent reliance on the devil-juice, that compassion becomes sorely tested the moment they climbed behind the wheel. Despite the fact this was a first time offence, the licence to drive was revoked for 18 months and appropriate medical help was suggested by the courts. And rightly so.

Ant McPartlin should be no different. Many on social networks claim the media and the commentariat are over-scrutinising this event and conducting an over-intrusive invasion of his privacy. It is very hard to disagree with that, even as I am writing about it now. However, he should not be treated any different from anyone else no matter how high his profile is in the public eye. To be smuggled off to another rehab clinic without proper due process in the legal department would be a smack in the face of every victim of drunk-driving.

There are days amidst the fog of depression when you sit back and debate internally the consequences of any actions you may be considering undertaking. It can actually be a highly destructive symptom of the disease: chronic over-thinking and the inability to make rational, informed decisions. Ant McPartlin, irrespective of his thought process before getting behind the wheel, obviously made the wrong one and should face the judges like everyone else.

It doesn’t always work but maybe the shock of meeting a judge of the non-Saturday Night entertainment variety might help him on his way to recovery.

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