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Defiling the Legacy of Martin Luther King

Donald J Trump paid tribute to the legacy of Martin Luther King today on the 50th anniversary of the latter’s assassination. This unashamed milking of a tragedy which had a marked effect on the civil rights movement and the black community in the United States will not have gone unnoticed.

Dr Martin Luther King was assassinated on the day he was attending a rally for workers demanding better working conditions and pay in 1968. The whole concept of his vision and determination would have been totally lost on Trump. In fact, if Dr King were alive and continuing such actions today, the current president of the US would be tweeting calling him “a son of a bitch” and publicly mocking him during his speeches.

To be so craven in using the legacy of Dr King to create a facade of Trump the Tolerant, Trump the Benign, is insulting to all Americans to work and strive for a more equal society in their country. Let’s not forget that the Trump family has a long history of racist activity when it comes to their property empire in New York.

A man who calls Africa “shithole countries”, deems Mexicans to be racists and still hasn’t bothered to make any concerted effort to improve living conditions in Puerto Rico after the devastating hurricanes, cannot claim the right to use the wisdom and humanity of Dr King to make himself look good.

What’s even more damning is he probably believes in his own head that this little speech(in the image above) makes him out to be a unifying force, a bringer together of people to make a nation great. You know that it’s all about him and not in any way commemorative of the noble and brave Dr King.

The stench of hypocrisy is great. Anyone who hasn’t been lobotomised with the cult of Trump should see right through it. Martin Luther King certainly would have and would have been at the forefront of the resistance to the Autocrat-in-Chief.

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