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Darby O’Google and the Little Patriots

Gript Media today announced they’re in talks to remake the classic Hollywood movie “Darby O’Gill and the Little People”, casting locally born actress Gemma Sue O’Doherty in the iconic role of the banshee.

 Provisionally titled “Darby O’Google and the Little Patriots”, the story will focus on what happens when a humble CEO of a major multi-national, discovers a group of tiny citizen journalists living outside the doors of his offices in Dublin. Using tin whistles to lure unsuspecting foreign-born children to Barrow Street, the Banshee would then arrive in her air-conditioned Death Coach and whisk them off to her lair in Foxrock. Can Darby O’Google prevent this from happening? We will have to wait and see.

Failed political elf, Justin “Jim Jeffries is really tall” Barrett is widely tipped to play the King of the Little Patriots with, Irish born, British actor Rowan Tan Croft in the running for the role town bully, Patreon Sugrue. His agent has stated this is conditional on whether the production of his movie “Firestarter”, currently filming in Movile, Co. Donegal, completes on time.

Gript spokesman, Tim Jackson, fresh from his nationwide tour as a Michael Carrick impersonator, stated that full details of the project will be revealed at next week’s “white coffin” protest outside Holles Street Hospital.

“We’re very excited about the potential of this updated version of what the real Ireland should be like. In fact, I’m so pumped for this venture, I could eat something”.

More as we get it.

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