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BANG! Enthralling New Music From Bellew

Here in the Feck News caverns, the music of choice is usually loud, heavy and with the occasional goat sacrifice thrown in for good measure. However, last week a curious video for a track called BANG! popped up on my newsfeed. Man alive, aren’t I glad I clicked on that link because it’s chuffin’ magnificent.

Performed by Bellew, it’s hard to pinpoint an exact influence on BANG! which in my book is no bad thing. There are shades of Jack White and Gary Moore with a tint of Joe Bonamassa, at least to this untrained ear but what stands out is the precociousness and confidence that oozes throughout the track.

There’s a trance-like quality to the tune, not unlike a siren tempting you towards the rocks, only for the resonating jolt of the song-title to bring you to your senses. I’m certainly enchanted and if BANG! is a sign of what’s to come from Bellew, then I’ll be more than happy to be lured into following what should be a successful career.

See for yourself here why there is an almighty buzz being generated in Bellew’s home town of Dundalk and why Liverpool, his next port-of-call in April, is about to follow suit.

The lesson to be learned at the end of this post today is, if something piques your interest on your social media timeline, go for it. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Listen to it, watch it and share it if it gave you pleasure. BANG! has reinforced my belief in that message.

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