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Breaking News: Assault Rifles Banned in United States

Assault rifles are expected to be banned across the United States tomorrow after yet another tragic shooting today, this time in Grosse Point Park, Michigan. Ken Barson, the infamous Liberty Gospel Baptist Tabernacle pastor associated with the recent $31000 pulpit scandal, stormed a Women for Trump baby shower and began firing indiscriminately with two AR-15s.

Two pregnant women, named by the GPPPD as Tammy Coulter and Dana Boesch, along with their unborn babies were killed at the scene. Thirty-four other women who were at the event are currently receiving treatment for minor gunshot wounds and shock.

Barson was apprehended at the scene and has been taken in for questioning. The GPPPD Police Chief, Tommy Lee Bolton gave a statement declaring that although a motive had yet to be determined, witnesses had reported Barson screaming “suffer onto this little children” as he pulled the trigger.

Until recently, Barson was a high profile member of the black community and one of the few to endorse President Trump in the 2016 election. He had believed that Trump was the saviour to bring economic prosperity back to Detroit and was singled out by the President as one of the true believers in Making America Great Again.

However, a recent scandal involving the purchase of a new pulpit using $31,000 of the Tabernacle’s funds, caused unforeseen levels of fury amongst his worshippers. Barson refused to step down as pastor, blaming his wife for the decision to purchase the pulpit.

He asked for forgiveness for himself and his family yet despite his apparent contrition, there were mutterings among the congregation about forcing him out. A vote was scheduled to be held at the Liberty Gospel Baptist Tabernacle next week.

In the normally staunch Conservative neighbourhood of the victims, the shock of what had happened quickly sank in. Judy Conway-Kelly, leader of the Women for Trump movement in the affluent Grosse Point Park, struggled to contain her emotions as she contemplated what occurred:

“You never think something like this would come to your own doorstep. Down the road in Detroit maybe, but never here. America has lost two vibrant, young women. Tammy was due to go back for work at FOX on Monday. She’d been having a few difficulties in her pregnancy.

“I don’t know what to say. This is a tragedy and to think that God will have two more little babies by his side, taken before their time to live….words cannot express how awful this is.”

As news of the shooting reached Washington and beyond, Twitter was inundated with tweets of support and anger that yet another senseless mass shooting has taken place.

“A step too far. Taken too soon. RIP little babies @realdondaldtrump”, said Tami Lohren, the outspoken conservative pundit.

“Time for action. No more must our children, even in the womb, suffer at the hands of these men and these weapons #prolife #2ndAmendment”, tweeted Sean Hannity.

Eager to follow the mood of his people, President Trump tweeted he would support any measure that would help protect the lives of the unborn and prevent the slaughter of those brave young women fighting for a greater America, even the banning of assault rifles.

Could Grosse Pointe Park be the moment that America turns its back on the NRA and the 2nd Amendment? Will the vicious abortion by gunfire of two unborn WASP babies be the straw that has broken the back of the camel? America sits back and waits tonight just as Ken Barson sits in his cell awaiting judgement for his actions.

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