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I created Feck News in December 2017 as a Facebook page to highlight and comment on the tide of rising populism and white nationalism in Ireland and the world in general.  Playing with the Irish word “Feck” and the word “Fake”, made popular by Donald Trump, Feck News aims to do 3 things:

  1. Poke fun at those in power who are gradually eroding all what we would regard as decent and humane in society through fear and lies,
  2. Raise the awareness that extreme right-wing views are growing in Ireland and this needs to stop and
  3. To provide humour and a little entertainment in our lives whilst dealing with the issues above.

Traditional and social media is awash at the moment with a growing lack of empathy and compassion for those less well off than ourselves and for those seeking asylum from military bombardment.

Right-wing views and actions are increasing rapidly and I believe we can try to fight this through providing an alternative view to what’s becoming worryingly popular these days.


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